Handyman is impaled by two steel rods in the buttocks after falling from the second floor

Handyman is impaled by two steel rods in the buttocks after falling from the second floor

As far as bad days go, nothing can beat what this man from China just went through. The handyman from Xi’an, China fell from the second floor of a building and landed on a metal fence and got impaled in the buttocks by two steel rods. Big Ouch!

The handyman was installing an air conditioner at Xi’an Industrial Park when he fell from the second floor. He landed painfully on the iron fence which pierced his buttocks and made their way fully into his body.

In the graphic pictures, the man can be seen lying on the stretcher with the rods still inside his buttocks. Had they been removed immediately after the accident, it would have resulted in considerable blood loss.

Earlier, he was taken off the metal fence by the firefighters by cutting off a small section of the fence. He could be heard screaming in pain while the firefighters were trying to cut the fence in order to take him to the hospital.

He was taken to the hospital where underwent emergency surgery. There’s not much known about his condition but he is believed to be slowly recovering in the hospital.

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